Third party litigation funding (TPLF)

DeNovo can offer a variety of Third party litigation funding (TPLF) solutions through its carefully selected panel of TPLF providers. 

In Summary

Third party litigation funding is where a claimant obtains the funds to cover their legal costs from a specialist finance company known as a ‘litigation funder’. The funder has no direct interest in the legal proceedings but will have an agreement that if the case is won, the funder receives an agreed portion of the proceeds of the claim. If the case is unsuccessful, the funder usually loses its money and nothing is owed by the claimant.

As the litigation funder’s portion is tied to the success of the case, they will always try to fund cases with good prospects of success.

Third party litigation funding provides a cost-effective financing tool for claimants giving them access to justice where previously the costs of litigation may have prevented them from issuing legal proceedings.

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