Costs Budgets

DeNovo's expert team of costs lawyers, law costs draftsmen and consultants bring many years of sector-specific experience to the preparation of costs budgets. With limited opportunities for amendment or ex post approval of overspend, it is axiomatic that your client’s Precedent H costs budget is as accurate as possible from the off. Experience counts.

We will work with you to produce accurate, supportable Precedent H costs budgets. Whether required for personal injuries, planning, commercial or IP litigation, your client’s Precedent H costs budget will be prepared by a specialist in that field. We have significant experience in the preparation of budgets (often provided voluntarily) for high-value cases (above the £10 million threshold).

DeNovo also provides a costs budget monitoring service, to ensure that amendment applications (where required) are made in a timely manner.  We can assist with Precedent H costs budget revisions, whether or not the budget has been prepared in-house or by another provider.

The DeNovo team is ready to assist so please contact us by phone on 020 3693 7186 or by email on