Costs Monitoring

DeNovo has a wealth of experience in helping clients to understand, monitor and reduce the legal fees they are charged. 

We have found that to prevent overcharging a client should be prepared to insist on billing guidelines that are transparent and fair, and lawyers should be prepared to submit invoices to expert scrutiny. 

We provide legal costs auditing and monitoring services, reviewing lawyers’ bills to ensure that they comply with billing guidelines and to identify savings for our clients. Reviews can be carried out with or without the knowledge and cooperation of the law firm -  ex-ante (where preapproval of an invoice is required), as a matter proceeds (where interim bills are delivered by the lawyer), or ex post (usually within a few weeks of a matter concluding).

Examples of the issues identified during a review include: excessive or duplicated time charges, overstaffing, recycling of work product, inefficient procedures, failures to comply with ethical and agreed billing policies.

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