Bills of Costs

DeNovo's highly experienced costs lawyers, law costs draftsmen and consultants can assist with the preparation of Bills of Costs for inter partes, legal aid, and mixed assessments, as well as breakdowns of costs for Solicitors Act 1974 assessments. 

We use the latest software (and for larger bills our own bespoke solutions). Appreciated by the Costs Court for the meticulousness of our work, we have prepared many of the largest and most complex Bills of Costs ever seen in the UK. We ensure that every costs claim, regardless of size, is presented with an appropriate level of detail and for that reason our Bills of Costs are more detailed than many, stand out, and often lead to a swift settlement, obviating the delay and expense involved in a fully contested detailed assessment hearing.

We have particular experience in the following fields:

  • Intellectual property/patent litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Planning and property litigation
  • Court of Protection matters
  • Personal injuries
  • Catastrophic injuries

Our consultants can assist with any of the following:

  • Precedent A – the current model form of Bill of Costs (for standard inter partes assessment).
  • Precedent A (phased) with Precedent Q – the standard form Bill of Costs, modified for those cases in which a Costs Management Order has been made.  Phased bills are also accompanied by Precedent Q (a summary of costs claimed for each phase of the proceedings, set against the latest approved or agreed budget).
  • Precedents C and D – Bills of Costs in cases funded by the Legal Services Commission.
  • Precedent P - Breakdowns for Solicitors Act 1974 assessments.
  • Precedent S – the new model Bill of Costs (optional at present, but will be compulsory for claims for work undertaken after 6 April 2018). The new model Bill of Costs will require the claim for costs to be broken down into phases, tasks, activities, and expenses. The new model Bill of Costs will include up to 15 phase codes, 41 task codes, 10 activity codes, and 15 expense codes.

The DeNovo team is ready to assist so please contact us by phone on 020 3693 7186 or by email on