Including applications, detailed assessment, and costs management hearings

Led by Afqar Dean, our team of specialist costs advocates, is well-known and highly regarded.  Whilst our highly trained consultants are regularly instructed to oppose or defend costs claims of all types and sizes, we also enjoy excellent relationships with all of the leading specialist costs chambers. We can assist with the instruction of counsel where required, and in cases of exceptional legal complexity and/or extremely high value.

Our costs lawyers enjoy rights of audience and can, if required, accept instructions from lay clients or other non-solicitor clients. 

As well as acting for our regular clients, we also assist solicitors, lay clients, and other costs practices. Our recent expansion allows us to provide cover for most county courts in England and Wales. Our team of experienced costs lawyers, law costs draftsmen and consultants can assist with any of the following:

  • Inter partes detailed assessment
  • Legal aid detailed assessment
  • Court of protection detailed assessment
  • (Costs related) preliminary issues
  • All costs-related applications including in relation to proceedings under the Solicitors Act 1974
  • Solicitors Act 1974 (solicitor-client) detailed assessment
  • Costs management/budgeting hearings

The DeNovo team is ready to assist so please contact us by phone on 020 3693 7186 or by email on