Legal Costs Services

Bills of Costs

For inter partes, legal aid and mixed assessments, as well as breakdowns of costs for Solicitors Act 1974 assessments including the new Costs Precedent S.

Costs Budgets

Including costs budget monitoring services and assistance with Precedent H costs budget revisions, whether or not the budget has been prepared in-house or by another provider.


Including inter partes detailed assessments, Legal aid detailed assessments, Court of protection detailed assessments, (Costs related) preliminary issues and all costs-related applications.

Costs Negotiations

Including in relation to summary and detailed assessment, security for costs, Solicitors Act 1974 assessments, costs budgets and costs management.

Points of Dispute and Replies

Including inter partes and legal aid detailed assessments, Solicitors Act 1974 assessments, summary assessment and preliminary issues hearings.

Schedules of Costs

Including failure to follow, without reasonable excuse, the correct Form N260 format, and (especially) a failure to complete the schedule of attendances on documents.

Security for Costs Applications

Including preparing the account of costs to date and of estimated future costs, following the Costs Precedent H (costs budget) format. 

Solicitors Act 1974 Assessments

Including costs monitoring and management services for regular or large-scale users of legal services.

Costs Seminars

Accredited and bespoke law cost seminars with highly experienced costs lawyers, delivering expert knowledge and training (continuing competence).

Costs Monitoring

Legal costs control for businesses, local authorities and corporations.